Potato Crafts

Fashion your own stamps from potato - make shapes, numbers, alphabet letters or any other design you like. This versatile vegetable creates interesting prints on paper or fabric.


  • Potatoes
  • Knife
  • Chopping board
  • Paint
  • Shallow plates
  • Sketch paper or fabric


Step 1 Potato Stamps 1. Clean the potatoes first. Wash and towel dry.
Step 2a Potato Stamps Ask for an adult's help2. Cut the potato into desired shape.

a.) One method is to cut the potato in half and carve out the shape at the bottom.

You can even make a handle by carving out the top of the potato stamp (refer to bottom photo).
Step 2b Potato Stamps Ask for an adult's help b.) Another method is to cut the potato into 1-inch thick cross sections then carve the entire cross section into the desired shape. Carve out some facial features or other details if you like.

Make wedges or even keep the trimmings for stamping smaller shapes and details.
Step 3 Potato Stamps 3. Once you have made enough potato stamps, prepare different colors of paint on shallow containers. If you plan to stamp on fabric, use fabric paint, otherwise you can use regular poster paint or acrylic paint.
Step 4 Potato Stamps 4. Dip a potato stamp in paint, making sure that the bottom is evenly-coated with paint.
Step 5 Potato Stamps 5. Press the stamp firmly onto the paper or fabric.
Step 6a Potato Stamps 6. Enjoy stamping using different colors of paint. Here are some fun and creative ideas that you can do:

a.) Make fun random shapes
  • This can be a simple yet fun activity for toddlers
  • Make a potato-stamped shirt or apron
Step 6b Potato Stamps   b.) Stamp shapes to form a picture. Use potato wedges and trimmings to make smaller shapes and details.
Step 6c Potato Stamps   c.) For oodles of fun, finger paint the details on your picture.

The water bubbles, fish eyes and fins in this underwater picture were all done by finger painting.